This is my hometown, a brazilian paradise village

I was born on September 27 at 9 am the morning, when from the window, the moon was seen by my mother’s in bedroom of my parents, while she was brought me into this world of pain.

The town Lajedão (Big Rockness) is small, has about 3000 peoples. It was born the gathering of people around the predatory extraction of tropical forest that existed there.

Today, where there was clear drinkable water in clear rivers and forests richly adorned with a unique fauna, there are only breeding farms beef cattle. But its sky still continue very beautifull.

The city stands out from other brazilians cities and latin america, for its clean streets, and urban infrastructure organized. However, the number of political corruption is very high, as well as the lack of social politic for sustainable development.

This is my hometown, a brazilian paradise village

About swami

Jário estudou Física, Pedagogia, Gestão Ambiental, Contabilidade e Análises Clínicas. Ativista pelo direitos dos animais é Mestre de Yoga, escritor, praticante de artes marciais, um amante da astronomia, fotografia e bonsais. Sintetiza seu estilo de vida como: - Minha doutrina pessoal inicia e termina no fogo, que é a consciência. Minha fé inicia e termina no Self, que é o Espírito. A Natureza é meu atanor.